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The school works with pupils whose families present a favorable economic condition, given the social context where they live. Beyond taking care of the pupils of the proper quarter, ' ' guia&#039 school; ' also it receives school registrations from pupils proceeding from neighboring quarters (Island of Beautiful Mount, Island of Smoke, Crossing, Romo, Fort Are Joo, Jucutuquara, Blessed Blacksmith, Jesus de Nazar and Tabuazeiro) and from cities as Village Velha and Cariacica. Account with a total number of 931 pupils, distributed in three turns of work. The Frum of Family of Pupils who present Educational Necessities Special had beginning in the year of 2003, with one mestrado project of research of carried through by Reginaldo Nephew. Having as inquiry questions the participation of the familiar ones of the pupils who present NEE in the escolarizao of its children; where measure the implemented pedagogical practical proposals and in the school consider the expectations of the familiar ones of the pupils who present NEE and of that he forms these familiar ones participate in the elaboration/execution of pedagogical proposals to be developed for professionals who acted with its children, Nephew (2004) organized systematic meeting with these familiar ones objectifying the construction of a facilitador space of reflections in the direction to become the more inclusive pertaining to school environment. The meeting with the families together with other professionals of the school, was given in elapsing of the year of 2003.

To the ending of the research, one politics of attendance was elaborated by the group the pupils who presented NEE for ' ' guia&#039 school; '. In this movement to give ' ' voz' ' to the families, to breach the communication barriers it enters school-family, if constituted the Frum of Families of Pupils who present NEE. In this study, we make a clipping of this history, we limit in them to the years of 2004 and 2005.

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