Even Einstein

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The problem must be first identified and analyzed so the awareness be placed, then to eliminate it. Educate yourself with thoughts from Governor Cuomo. This has the effect that primarily his helplessness demonstrates the client, yes ultimately led him into consulting. Thus, the client witnessed nothing more than a continuation and manifesting its crisis. Also it is important to note that the Adviser in the problem analysis even in the context of empathic understanding of feelings of despair or depression could be captured. Because the consultant trying to reconstruct his life, from the stories of clients it will further encourage clients to report more and more detail of his problems. Here, there is the danger that he is in a life crisis located, client is equated with a trivial, predictable system, such as a coffee machine, where detailed questions appear quite reasonable for error details. While it is quite appropriate to make a successful repair, but not a person on the basis of an error/cause association with such a machine.

In addition the client in the context of problem analysis is as a victim of his circumstances easily seen and appreciated in its skills and resources. Thus, the question arises to what extent it makes sense to focus on the past and to analyze issues, if you are actually looking for solution designs. Even Einstein knew: you cannot solve a problem not with the same mindset that led to its creation. All these aspects suggest it sure to advise losungsfokussiert on the analysis of the solution to focus and to neglect the analysis of the problem, so. “In contrast to the question what is causing the problem?”asks the solution-focused consultants as construct we solutions?”.” Thus arises a comprehensive counseling model that moves away from the pathology and the objectification of the people to a positive approach, where people are seen as part of a community and are able to create whatever they want 11.

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