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personal, larger and more functional Munich, the December 1, 2011, the single stock exchange of in Germany, has subjected his website a comprehensive relaunch. The single market has been substantially revised and expanded with many new features. Now, a modern, fresh design awaits the visitors and members of. But not only that. A host of new features was introduced and optimize the user experience through a new, clearer navigation. The news in detail the new user profile of, as a central element of every single market, welcomes the Member now with much more detail.

It has been completely restructured and provides all important information and news at a glance. The possibilities to enter free text to the description of the own person, has been added. Furthermore, the profile may be supplemented easily entering the favorite music, artists, movies, and books. A database application helps the user not only in the selection, but also to show the appropriate cover and photos of the artist in your own profile. So can the profile visitors by the particular taste of the other quickly an image a great topic of conversation for the first contact. Here cooperates with, WorldCat and movie starts.

Not everyone would like to be contacted by anyone. Here, the new, extensive contact filtering helps the members. Extremely user friendly four criteria can be defined: whether only new contacts with photo are desired, from which country the age, or the one to come, or whether only contacts of people are accepted, which are not in a relationship. Easier search, find more easily, more easily fall in love with. The quality of the search is a very performance critical of a single Exchange. The search for was therefore also optimized. Also so far been individual searches could be saved. In addition now, that the Member regularly notify may, be through an email as soon as a member to the search criteria fits.

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