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This by the legal personality, autonomy of management and own budget on which they count. The professional public servant of race it will enter to the system through a selection contest and it could only be named and removed in the cases and under the procedures that are predicted in the Law of the Professional Service of Race of the State Public Administration the System of the Professional Service of Race will include/understand the following positions: a) Chief of a main directorate; b) Director of Area; c) General assistant director c) Assistant director of Area; d) Head of Department; and e) Any other equivalent to some of the previous ones. In relation to the positions of free designation, the Program indicates that the Secretariat of the General Contralora, in the scope of its attributions will have to emit the general criteria for its determination. These will have to fulfill the requirements that previously establish the dependencies for each position, and will be subject to the procedures of evaluation of the performance, not thus to those of recruitment and selection that are arranged in the referred law. It is important to mention that, the servants public of free designation and the basic or sindicalizados workers of the Federal Public Administration will if so have access to the professional service of race, subjecting, to the procedures of recruitment, anticipated selection and appointment in this ordering. For the incorporation to the system of the basic or sindicalizado worker it will be necessary to count on separated license or to have itself of the place that occupies, not being able to remain active in both situations. The System of the Professional Service of Race is divided in subsystems, that are the following: Subsystem of Planning of Human Resources. It will determine in coordination with the dependencies, the quantitative and qualitative needs of personnel who requires the State Public Administration for the efficient exercise of its functions; Subsystem of Entrance. .

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