Fish Dishes

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You are very fond of fish dishes and visiting restaurants in Chelyabinsk and other cities you might want to know how to be properly fed fish and how to eat properly. If so, then an essay about the proper feeding of fish dishes for you. At dinners or lunches larger fish taken to file a whole, while it is put into the center of the table. The finer the fish is served either in separate plates (one, two), either the total dish. Note to file a garnish for fish in restaurants in Chelyabinsk as good manners is filing garnishes and sauces in a separate bowl. When a fish on individual plates workers Chelyabinsk restaurants must comply with The following rules apply: prior to each client institution put medium-sized plates, with the warm fish dish slightly heated. On the left side dish for fish fork is placed to the right spatula or knife.

Accepted fork to hold the fish, and a spatula to separate the bone. If the table was laid with two forks, the right is used to separate the fish from the bones, the left sends the fish pieces in his mouth. If a fork on the table, it decided to keep on the right hand in his left hand taking a piece of bread. Bread are holding a fish fork is separated bone. If the fish is served with the bones, then the restaurant etiquette to the left of the fork must put a plate for the bones. Many restaurants Chelyabinsk to fish fed a lemon. It must be made on a small saucer, cut in small slices. To sprinkle the fish with lemon juice you need to take the fork in your left hand and a lemon to the right.

Next, prick with a fork lemon and squeeze the juice out of it at the fish with his right hand. Use lemon leaves on a plate waste. In implementing these rules are not clever you'll pass for someone who is familiar with table etiquette. Enjoy your Appetite!

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