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Nevertheless, decides they must accept a jury about the placements and their opinion. That should be aware of each participant if he turns a competition. You have no flower shop, where they focus on marketable bouquets and arrangements, but working as a freelance Floral designer for an international customer base. It was always clear to you that it pulls you more in the creative, artistic direction? Yes, it was actually always been clear to me. Although I it sometimes tried to put me behind the ordinary table. However, I realized very quickly that it’s not for me. I love to be free without the binding to a shop.

Now I am anyway so go and work almost every day somewhere else, that would no longer be incompatible with a retail store. What kind of flower is now particularly popular during the winter months? I still awaiting the real winter with snow and cold and everything, what belongs to. I then like working with gnarled branches and white Frost spray on glass vases or glass chunks of different sizes, which symbolize ice. These materials are then combined with the first intermingle like tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, or Iris. It can’t be great ensembles it I hope so much that it soon even Nice cold will, even if most people yearn perhaps again for the spring. Fleurop: Fleurop AG has its headquarters in Berlin. The 100-year old history is impressive.

In 1908, the Berlin florist Max Hubner had a brilliant idea: the flowers should go on the trip, but orders at reliable florist local Fleurop idea was born. Today, about 50,000 all form in 150 countries around the world, the global network of Interflora. The Fleurop-principle applies around the world: every Fleurop greeting is manufactured exclusively by professional florists in handmade and personally presented to the recipient. The Fleurop partners worldwide deliver over 25 million Fleurop greetings each year. The Fleurop AG also together with the German Florist Association is organizer of the German championship of the florists in Berlin in August 2017.

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