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The company "Gandalf" offers a wide range of programs to work in the office. The company offers a new, improved 1C Enterprise 8, a new revision 1.6 of the configuration 1C 8. As the largest distributor of "1C" company "Gandalf" offers to buy 8 and 1C 1C 8 for success. In addition, the company offers a range of additional services, such as the introduction of 8, and 1C 1C 8, and and information support for 1C and 1C 8 8. The company also provides courses, workshops, seminars, which teach the work on these programs. One of these courses are courses in accounting Rostov. Accounting courses – it's a good thing, which is aimed at obtaining and developing information about the program, namely, about 1C 8. Do you want quality work your business, buy program to succeed – 1C 1C 8 and 8. Visit our website and get more information about available products We are looking forward to seeing you among our partners and customers.

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