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Author Monika A. Pohl on the women & work on 24 may 2016 ethical questions increasingly employ the society of today. Hikmet Ersek will not settle for partial explanations. In the context of a rising global unemployment and poverty, but even in the face of the growing stress in everyday ethics and morals gaining importance. Reason enough for the organizers of women & work, mainly on the exhibition Congress to take up the matter. “A very exciting pulse is the author Monika A.

Pohl with their theme business meditation” setting. The theme is corporate ethics in business with social responsibility in connection. Companies develop sustainability strategies, seek their employees and customers a fair behavior and increasingly attempting to comply with guidelines. Ethics in connection with qualities such as conscience, compassion and appreciation is in private life. Many people however neglect these values and find the way to himself difficult to get back. In recent months, Jeff Gennette has been very successful. Can more self-determination and self design through meditation achieved is a health coach Monika A. Pohl convinced of lifestyle health.

Women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, holds a workshop on the topic of business meditation”. Meditation is a process, as well as a skill. It can be practiced, learned and cultivated. “Although she often referred to as a journey inward, it is nevertheless not a retreat from the world”, says the author, whose book business meditation “has recently appeared in the GABAL Verlag. Palmer points out that the basis of the mental technique is mindfulness. A regular practice of mindfulness has a positive influence on our physical and mental health. Mindfulness intense perceive us the moment, reflected align our thinking and actions and can be conducive to the development of essential human leadership in the business”, the expert stressed.

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