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Creating a manual car wash – no simple matter. However, lack of car washes is attracting more and more businesses in this area. Many of them make serious mistakes, which is reflected in earnings. How do we avoid these Errors? Let's try to find answers. Location washing. It is believed that a car wash benefit put on running routes with high traffic and high bandwidth.

In fact, this is one of the most unfortunate places to wash. Today's motorist is not going to go somewhere just to wash the car, and even better if the sink can be combined with daily activities. Therefore, effective cleaning of all work where Motorists park their cars. Another good location for car washing – Garage and parking complex. Often car owners wash their car before being sent to the parking lot, because he did not mess, and dries longer maintain its purity.

However, some car owners prefer to wash cars in the morning, before sending them to work, but again – near the garage, parking lot or at home. Given this, working day to hand car wash should begin no later than seven o'clock in the morning. The optimal number of posts. From this point on depends on speed manual car wash return. The recommended number of positions – from 3 to 6. Washing with three posts could well pay for itself even winter. Washing with a larger number of posts with quality service and a good place to earn all year round. But keep in mind that the endlessly increasing the number of posts does not make sense, as in big cities there is a shortage Autowasherman. Business with pleasure. When four or more positions with a good flow of visitors should think about building a cafe with a full kitchen and additional service. And the higher the level of kitchen, the more loyal customers, who want to combine business with pleasure. Equipment. The main equipment car wash – machine wash with water under high pressure, which are without hot water heater water. They bought in 50/50. For an odd number of posts is preferred apparatus with heated water. You can buy all the equipment with hot water – it will be very convenient. But they cost twice as much than the HPA without heating. In addition, you will need pylevodosos with which to easily remove dust, dirty water, melted snow and other debris from the cabin. They come in single and dvuhturbinnye. Trehpostovoy for auto, moto one sink enough dvuhturbinnogo pylevodososa. But on chetyrpostovoy – this is not enough. For the car will also need the compressor capacity of approximately 200 l / min and with a receiver 100 liters. When choosing a compressor is necessary to pay attention to its brand, which determines the durability and quality of the compressor. You also need two sprayers for the application of chemistry to the body and engine. The most convenient concept – the creation of special lines for air and chemicals, suitable for each post. For the lighting is better to use fluorescent lights (at least 7-8 bulbs on each post), which are economical, easy to install and durable.

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