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The value of the logo Hello, dear readers, today we'll talk about the main thing, but at the same time very often underestimated the hallmark of any company – its logo. A good logo can significantly affect the perception of firms in the market. Bad logo, or lack of it in the best case would deprive the company of one of the most important competitive advantages – a recognition, and at worst can even alienate potential customers, especially in the corporate market. What logo can be considered good, and what is bad? How to choose the logo, which draw professionals to create it as a best practice? There is perhaps appropriate reminded of basic mistakes made by our business people in relation to the logo of his company. The rhythm of modern life is very fast, the problems in any business are many, and many senior staff think that logo problem – 'not very important at this time. " In doing so they completely forget that logo – it's not the director's chair, a simple cost model which can then be changed to a more convenient, representative or even a luxury.

Changing the logo is very painful for any company in both financial and in marketing terms, so it is important to 'do the right rate' at an early stage of development, otherwise If the logo change (including any follow-up to restore recognition, etc.) can cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, as was the case with Samsung and LG (formerly Gold Star). Ideally, the process of creating a logo should involve a psychologist, marketer and designer, and large corporations, which can boast close to one hundred percent recognizable logo in their market segments attracted to the process of its creation much more professional and conduct costly marketing research. The main purpose of these studies is usually the synthesis and interpretation of the reaction of consumers, their associations, caused the company name and its logo. At the same time to obtain a sufficiently objective picture of the target audience perception of the logo sample (of the surveyed people) should be adjusted very precisely, and the interviewers 'field' managers need to have knowledge and skills in psychology, in order to correctly interpret the results of 'field' of conversations, interviews and interaction in focus groups for subsequent computer processing and final analysis research results. For example, the Korean Gold Star in the course of its order of market research has found that her name (Golden Star) is associated in the European and American market with not too quality and cheap products, the quality of the company's products have been quite on the level, even without reference to the criterion of price / quality ratio.

But here's the company name and logo (as I recall – with a crown and stars) – they spoil everything. As a result, the name and logo was changed to LG, though a change of name in this case was also due to merger of some units of this industrial group. But, perhaps, leave the large multinational companies alone with their problems – usually they already have your logo, or even individual lettering spelling of his name, and have large enough resources and qualified staff experts to solve similar problems within their own walls. In the next issue we will talk about how small and medium companies to find their logo: what it should be, who can be trusted with the job and how it can cost.

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