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His support and general manager of the association 'Elevator service' Ivan Dyakov. 'Withdrawal of SRO is not so great. Take any voluntary certification. Annually to pay 200 thousand to 400 thousand rubles management company for jobs. But when licensing was widespread practice of buying licenses, the people having the administrative resource, go to the pens and sold licenses to specialists' – he said. Clerks explained that the maintenance of a functioning SRO SRO in construction and in design – not a cheap pleasure.

"Registration fees must be 100 thousand at least and more 100 000 – annual. So it is possible count on a device that will work '- he said. However, most builders refuse to understand the needs of unions. 'Contributions to the organization and the compensation fund are such that small and medium-sized companies howled: why do we need SROs, better license, even if I have to agree with the regulator about obtaining it. It's cheaper and faster '- shows the president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin. Timchenko sure that only the financial requirements of the reform has already cut an honest way to small and medium-sized businesses in the building. 'The company has a 50-100, which is before January 1, quietly working in the construction business, now just do not have the means to enter into the construction of SRO. And a natural solution that will guide her – into the shadows' – she said.

Timchenko, agrees that this risky move to get out of right field, but the reform is actually forcing the company to do it. According to the calculations supports Russia, from 140 thousand organizations working in construction, construction of SROs to take about 50 thousand. If we consider that the construction of at least 70% of the work carried out by small and medium-sized enterprises, we can assume that the vast majority of remaining outside the law – it is small businesses. However, not everyone believes that the loss of small businesses will cause serious damage to the building industry. 'My position categorical. Russian construction industry is quite live, if members of the so-called small-and medium-sized businesses will not even come into SROs' – says Shalin. SRO in the building created solely for improve the quality of construction and the responsibility of builders, he adds. 'And when it comes to human life, the protection of some ephemeral business just not worth it. You do not need to treat small and medium businesses as 'Dying swan' – voiced his opinion Shalin. Agree with him and some other leaders in the construction of SRO and SRO in the design. They justify their position that 'shabashniki' who worked in the market and produced repair is not always the desired quality as they used to work without a license, and now may be used without approval. However, it is not about them, but about the 90 thousand companies that have lost their licenses from January 1, 2010, and the admission of a long can not.

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