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Employee Motivation: When, Why and How? The problem of motivating your employees Everybody business owner wants his business to work as well, brought incredible profits, and had an excellent image among consumers. In the first stage of development when the business is one person (family) specific problems with the execution of this desire is not so much. When a business expands, and in your case start to come new people, maintaining high indicators is given not only the creator of the business, but they collected the team. At the beginning of the expansion of the case, while rates for friends and relatives (I think that through this approach have been Russian, almost all people employed in the orthopedic business) high bar starts to become attainable only with difficulty. And as soon as the work made by strangers on the part of the problem, which I'll be here to talk, grown in full growth. It problem – neither more nor less than the complexity associated with the motivation of staff. The problem of how to make (to persuade, persuade, convince) employees work at the highest possible return. It seems that you are doing everything to good work of your employees, but they are always doing something wrong, reluctantly does what you want, try to get away from your assigned tasks.

Nor do the job for which you pay them, carelessly. And nothing about inventing something new, making "rational proposals" in his work on improving the service and say there is nothing – it seems that they just spit on it! Do not care with the highest bell tower in your town! And how would the owner did not want to believe that it will (or should it be any different), the reality is always very close to that described above: people do not want quality work, all performed under the lash, do not want to grow and develop. A typical (for unfortunately), the situation for almost any orthopedic Interior: in the room except the buyer is a seller and at the same time it does nothing: no talks with the visitor about anything he did not ask, just indifferent observes that the buyer walks between the shelves or in front of windows.

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