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The Web has become an essential tool for the majority of people around the world, since thanks to the effect that this medium has, it is possible to achieve the union of a great number of consumers, companies, businesses, networks, among others. On the other hand the Internet, has become one of the ways of obtaining more used and perhaps the favorite of many Internet users and users. This for the following reasons, first by factors of comfort since one click is enough to perform the transaction. Secondly, the diversity and the rapidity; You can find many and varied products that are not always available on physical media. And third, and perhaps most important, by its scope and its response capacity.

The success of Internet sales lies in three main points: ease, time and relevance. Internet sales allow users to buy and sell a variety of products and services with the least effort and in the shortest time, in addition to be able to reach sites of sale, previously regarded as unviable. Are increasingly the sites of Internet sales, to which Internet clients can access and consequently find services of all kinds and prices, which are adapted to the interests, tastes and needs of each person. Finally, we can say that the Internet is racing anything previously seen, in other words, it is reaching such a success and importance, that now makes possible the execution of operations of Internet sales.

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