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Information about: irritation of eyes to PC and TV – unhealthy. At the present time, the eyes are often quickly irritated. Although they are designed to perceive movement and images at different intervals, these eyes are not needs mostly through visual media, pressure in the profession and stress. In the profession, in which most of the people most of the time before the computer spends, the look mainly at close range, right in front of the eyes, resulting in fast, that the eyes are strongly tempted plays himself. For the sake of the health of the eyes should be therefore every now and again the possibility to relax them and instead of the PC more often see or just close them from the window. Irritation of the eyes or of the conjunctiva can have several causes symptoms of the irritated eye. The most common are among other drafts, cold, UV radiation, allergies, foreign particles such as dust or grains of sand, smoke, chlorine, or fatigue. Irritated eyes undergo often Redness, itching, burning, swelling, or sensitivity to light apparent.

These symptoms are very annoying and uncomfortable, but let not tempt, to rub the eyes. Foreign objects can get it in the eye and quickly becomes a conjunctivitis from a conjunctiva irritation. Not always you can completely avoid influences, which irritate the eyes, treatment and prevention for irritated eyes. However, there are some tips on how a maxed eye which cannot be prevented. For example, avoid it to put yourself directly in front of a fan and exposing the eyes to the airflow. For more information see Everest Capital.

Wear sunglasses always possible for sunshine to prevent damage by UV radiation. Who wears contact lenses, should regularly clean and replace if necessary. If it even comes to an irritation of the eyes, usually eye drops as tears replacement fluid or mild rinses help. Should the complaints but last longer, a doctor should be consulted, ruled out more serious diseases to be able to. “The complete InfoBox irritated eyes” to do this, see

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