Liability Insurance

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Probably every person in my life has ever faced a situation when he or anyone else of his friends had to pay damages related to their incorrect actions, or pay the penalty. This is especially common in those people who by virtue of their profession, position or errands on the job assignment takes responsibility for things, people, events, etc. Among the professions that involve high degree of responsibility can be noted building contractors, tenants, lessees of land, doctors, lawyers and other liability insurance can be divided into three types: liability insurance to third parties, professional liability insurance and liability insurance for manufacturers of products for its quality. Liability insurance makes it possible to transfer the responsibility of the insurance company, the thus shifting the burden of financial compensation in the event of an adverse event on her shoulders. For example, if the entity wants to take part in bidding for large orders, liability insurance for him required by law.

Liability insurance is first necessary for motor vehicle drivers, carriers, ship owners and entrepreneurs. Insurance Professional responsibility is needed to redress in case of errors a representative of a profession such as doctor, lawyer, collector, an accountant. Insurance producer responsibility quality of products is designed to solve the problem of consumer redress the damage caused as a result of using poor quality products or food consumption of poor quality. The contract, which concludes insured and the insurance company, insurance company provides for the delegation of liability for damage to a third party resulting from any action, which fall under the insurance contract insurance coverage. In other words, the insurance company or protect the interests of the insured person, resulting in evidence of his innocence to an adverse event, or compensate for loss, liability in which is in accordance with the contract.

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