Living And Working In The Plaza Castilla

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The Plaza Castilla is one of the places most emblematic Madrid. It is crossed by the Paseo de la Castellana, one of the main arteries of the capital, and its area of influence reaches up to the Calle General Peron (Plaza de Lima) and westward, la Calle Bravo Murillo. The plaza houses some of the most emblematic skyscrapers of the city as the towers Kio or the Tower of Castile of more recent construction. Precisely because of its condition of business center, numerous executives set by nearby his residence in upmarket houses that make up the area. Many of them decide to rent an apartment in calle Orense, en la calle Capitan Haya as or more important shopping street also boasts numerous establishments. Others however prefer to settle in areas close more residential in nature. The supply of flats in the area is varied since the area combines the homes and hotels of high standing with others of medium quality, that is why the average price of housing is difficult to define. In addition to the aforementioned urban roads that connect the zone, the Plaza Castilla is a communications hub by its metro station (crossing of three lines), Intercity buses, and its proximity to the station of Chamartin, one of the most important train stations in the capital. “Different” houses domestic employment, are you employer? Blog of the Ignatian network Madrid work tired everything what comes out of a trench mobility Plan on the occasion of the parade that celebrates a national holiday in Spain Madrid to Tizayuca day could begin second phase of homes Daily free Via

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