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In turn, they have had to tighten their belts and stop giving loans including current, necessary to run the economy. Neither the redemption of the Federal Reserve and central banks has prevented the mortgage crisis from becoming a widespread economic crisis, which can be seen also in international trade. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts. When renegotiated the foreign debts of impoverished countries, the clause imposed on them, whereby in IMF forced governments to implement structural adjustment measures, including a substitution economy. It was no longer the country that decided what was going to produce, both in the textile sector, as the meat industry, fishing or removing the cereal plant flowers, or plant corn for biofuels. National currency was devalued to establish competitive advantages. The buyer is foreign and cheaper production. But as it does so with all producer countries, just all at a disadvantage unless the purchaser of the rich north.

What the country sold abroad fell in price while it buys up through the roof. After services are offered companies from the North they sell the electricity, telephone, or hospitals at prices that are strangling the local economy and family. Adjustment plans were plummeting literacy rates, health, and hope for the future of many peoples. Eduardo Galeano argues that money has more freedom than humans. In this vicious circle of transformations, there is no international mechanisms to protect citizens, no one is opposed to economic power. Media, university presidents, many of them are purchased or handled. The truth is the crime perfect according to the French thinker Baudrillard. One of these truths is that the basic needs of the world could be covered with 80 billion dollars.

Is the equivalent of 20 days of military spending in the world, 5% of what they earn the 250 richest people on the planet. We face the task of regenerating the human being and his values. It is shortsighted and arrogant to consider that our historical time is the time. Many of those who came before you made it possible for an end to evils such as slavery in many societies. Work so that those who come to fish with the networks of solidarity that we have created. Let the pessimism for better times. Maria Jose Atienzar Journalist Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the objective of informing and educating the society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, by a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection. The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated through their international networks. In the CCS website (found all items, developed to date, classified by topic.

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