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The complaint the civic movement of Spain and Catalonia has presented EFE. A few individuals stole a few fuses and cut some wires. The civic movement of Spain and Catalonia, Manel Parra, spokesman has complained Tuesday to the Mossos d police by a sabotage to the bus which, under the slogan Dona-li lap (turn), flows through Catalonia claiming the unity of Spain. As he has explained this platform, the organizer of the demonstration in Barcelona in favour of the unity of Spain on October 12, the bus has been victim of a sabotage in the Centre of Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona). The bus was assaulted by a few individuals who stole a few fuses and severed cables that left unusable bus clutch, pointed out Parra in a statement, which has branded the fact negative and antidemocratic. This will only that we continue with more enthusiasm our way in defence of Catalonia, underlined by Parra. According to the story This platform, the assailants entered the driver’s cab, when this was taking a coffee with the substitute driver of the vehicle, to break the clutch. In this context, Parra has denounced the serious mistake of the leader of CiU, Artur Mas, face a rupture and separation process, which has asked him to him and to all those who stress the situation to put brake. Also, Parra has urged citizens to vote in the Catalan of the 25N by formations that go against the separatism that generates all this. The civic movement of Spain and Catalans bus is traveling much of the catalan territory to promote the vote for parties who defend the unity of Catalonia and the rest of Spain. See more: denounced the sabotage of a bus that runs through Catalonia in favour of the unity of Spain

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