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Also in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are already known in 1,000 years of complex interrelationships between mind, body and soul. Relaxation programs can also help its fertility. Many women become pregnant, extricate itself from the pressure to have a child. This stress is very important first for the body. He puts the body in alert and an increased attention mode so to speak. The adrenalin level increases, heart rate and blood sugar go high.

Because where previously the stress level rose only briefly, excessive demands of duration of today is the order of the day. And exactly here lies the PNI research terrain. During a PNI treatment, patients should learn above all to activate their self-healing powers. To do so E.g. psychotherapeutic treatments, naturopathic approaches, or even acupuncture used to Orthodox measures.

An important area of the treatment is the so-called right therapy.” To bring the patients learn order”in spirit and soul. Because any serious disease requires a reorientation of life, is an approach to work over thought and behavior patterns. This approach is also used in the treatment of cancer. In this therapy, exercise and healthy diet for support. According to anti-stress programs you can make at home. Since stress unvermeintlich in life is, you should learn to deal positively. Is the load, for example, more classified as challenge, which you can handle, especially short term stress can have very positive effects on the immune system. The Department of internal medicine at the University of Hanover about decreased blood parachutists before the flight and after landing. The short-term burden, so the immunologists had to determine amazed had coup on the skydiver literally the body’s own killer cells at about two-thirds. (Manfred Schedlowski, Uwe Tewes: PNI, August 1996) Tips on just how effective thinking you positive: the question after the half-full or half-empty glass is an assessment with varying results. A positive attitude about yourself will help better cope with stressful situations. Let frustration and stress out: sport is a very good way to let out frustration and stress out. Physical activity reduces stress and releases so-called happy hormones. Laughter is healthy: humor helps to relax; laugh stops the release of stress hormones. In connection with specific breathing exercises and the so-called way breathing”by stressful situations can be the heartbeat slows down and the muscles relaxed. Appreciate and enjoy: This includes healthy eating, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and low alcohol. Much and good sleep: who is well rested, capable of handling many problems easier. Learn how to turn off”: begin to get you to consciously without thinking or even ruminate in bed to rest. In the bed I will not think that has time till tomorrow.” Use the daily walk to enjoy the nature and not as a space for the machinery of thought. While walking only one recreation and nature for me inside. Thoughts have time later.

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