Merlin: Master Of Fantasy

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Of all the characters from the Arthurian legend, Merlin is the most complex, and therefore the hardest to understand. Not surprisingly, some see him as divine qualities, and consider him just a man, like a spirit who is accountable to higher powers … and that has a higher purpose. While it is true that in the literature, there are clear similarities with other figures such as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, some features and aspects of Merlin make it a unique character. Some sources / interpretations describe him as a pagan witch. Others, as I said, believe that this is an immortal, born of magic itself and walking through the world with a purpose unknown to everyone but himself.

Well get Merlin to keep its intentions secret. To say that the goal is to help Merlin Arthur to become a worthy king to Camelot would see only one side of the coin. Yes, of course, this is among their plans, and is something that puts all their effort, and hence become a counselor, mentor and guide him as both his knights. But Merlin believes a medieval knight is much more than a clever man with the sword, and that mouth full of words like honor, courage and justice. It is said that Merlin is in the heart of men, and because of their high virtues is able to see through the vanity, ambition and deception as easily as a cat see at night, and often prevents Arthur and the Knights against the destructive power of such feelings.

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