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DAVID red one of the main slogans of the movement is your crisis don’t pay: assemblies are becoming concrete claims. There are rrendos on the labor reform and the pension. Many things have happened between May 15 and June 19 – date of the latest mobilizations on the street, this time in Europe and against the Pact of the euro. Why, perhaps between stockings has diluted the economic message containing the first manifestation Yes: we are not a commodity in the hands of politicians and bankers. Called for, ultimately, a social solution to the crisis. Disaffection with politicians has permeated many social layers, who feel neglected by their public representatives, something that indicate since time ago surveys them and that has been one of the most visible faces of the 15-m movementOn the other hand, the socio-economic issue has occupied much less media space.

However, assemblies of the movement have tried make concrete proposals the stratagem economic to that from the beginning was reflected in one of the main slogans of the 15-M: your crisis do not pay it. The complaint makes rrencia cuts of social rights that occur while corporate profits continue to grow and increases the number of people with more than a billion dollars, according to the latest Forbes list. The feeling of injustice is accentuated by fiscal policies: increase indirect – as VAT and excise duties – taxes, which do not distinguish depending on income, while large fortunes enjoy low tax formulas such as the Sicav or have the capacity to resort to tax havens. From that starting point – that the economic gap is accentuated and politicians encourage a polyhedral speech-, 15-M speech is dispersed into very different aspects. In reality, the mobilization responds to a very strong of another economy desire, explains Isidro Lopez, Member of the Metropolitan Observatory and co-author of the book end of cycle) PDF), published by Traficantes de suenos and in which complaint is the financialization of the economy.

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