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Two presentations that will undoubtedly be of great interest and utility for attendees, are corresponding to the success story of prose, as well as the presentation of the Benchmark for the levels of maturity of the management of it services in Mexico and LAM. Second day attendees will have the opportunity to implement processes of ITIL books, during the various workshops that will be conducted: through business simulators, exercises will be developed in where will address topics that will allow attendees to put into practice their knowledge and skills to solve problems through best practices, at the time of implementing some examples of different processes of ITIL and take with you knowledge and experiences of great impact, that will undoubtedly be of full support in their business. The presence of sponsors will not stop side the innovative part Pink Elephant aims to characterizes the 8th Conference, because on this occasion some of them in addition to explain and show its variety of supply and services, displayed as the fact of doing things well, enthusiastically and well focused towards a fixed objective, can give as a result proposals of avant-garde as that within the framework of the 8th. ormation. Conference, will present Mexico First *, as well as other sponsors that will displayed as with the knowledge appropriate, skills perfectly well developed and appropriate tools; the implementation of best practices processes can be conducted without any problem. To the regard, Gerardo Reyes Retana Dahl, Director General of Pink Elephant Latin America commented: in Pink Elephant our firm aim that the 8th. Conference goes beyond and have a positive impact on the work of all those attending the Conference; This is why we bring to exhibitors of international stature with a clear goal that is it areas to achieve convert knowledge into results. As the sessions, workshops and presentations are carried out, will be sharing with you information that we think may be of interest to your medium and readers.. .

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