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The actor told in an interview this week that the argument of The Dark Knight was what I wanted for the third part. Then, those decisions not thought the same thing, it has counted. Lists: Batman, the myth the best Batman. Actor Michael Keaton, who played Batman in two films directed by Tim Burton, did not hesitate to praise the work of filmmaker Christopher Nolan at the forefront of the new series based on the adventures of bat man. Never saw the other tapes that were made in the 90’s (two films directed by Joel Schumacher), but I saw almost the entire movie in which appeared Heath Ledger (the Dark Knight The Dark Knight 2008) and seemed somewhat unprecedented, said the American interpreter, according to the digital edition of the Los Angeles Times newspaper published this week.It was an amazing job. All the actors are great. That approach and that tone is exactly what I wanted for the third party when we talk about this with the study ().

I wanted to remind people of where that character came from. He wanted everything to be darker but those decisions then not thought the same thing, he added. Keaton, who gave life to the character in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), explained that the franchise had become a huge box-office success and that managers were going to continue with the plans with or without him. When I heard what they wanted to do, honestly, I knew that I was not going to know how to do it. And at the end it was so.

I would have been horrible, he added. After his participation were shot Batman Forever (1995), with Val Kilmer at the forefront of the cast, and Batman and Robin (1997), with George Clooney. The saga was revitalized in the new century at the hands of director Christopher Nolan with Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight, and soon The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale being the protagonist. That type (Nolan) is great. He is really talented, but at the moment in which we shot those movies not We had no example to follow. It was all new territory. And what did Tim (Burton) changed the way of watching those movies that people had, said the actor. Keaton noted as reasons for that success to the ingenuity of its Director, the production design of Anton Furst, Danny Elfman soundtrack, the music of Prince and the presence of Jack Nicholson in the cast. Source of the news: Michael Keaton, the 1990s Batman: “Had been horrible in the Dark Knight”

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