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Also they teach to them what they must make to correct its acts and being finally released of I exile. In one of those readings in books of the king, the man finds out that when certain crime is committed, the delinquent is sent to a earth desolated, far from all population. The man remains pasmado by the hard sanctions and he does not understand why such severe punishments occur. But at no moment it happens oneself to him that he himself is one of that they had broken the laws of the State, that it or has been condemned with hardness and that the verdict or has been executed; that it is only because suffers of amnesia, that cannot feel its true state Our history With this touching parabola, it exposes Baal to him HSulam to his older and successive son, Rabbi Baruj Ashlag, masterful my finado, the human condition and its antecedents, or, in other words, history of each of us. We were created in a state of inconceivably sublime abundance and fullness. But in that state, we could not feel the abundance, like an embryo in the belly of its mother, who although has all satisfied needs – food, heat and protection, cannot really enjoy them since it does not have conscience of them. Therefore, there was necessity of ” rompernos” – to break the unit that were between all the souls in that state of fullness, and ” trasladarnos” , in a state of spiritual amnesia, to this place desolated with ” works forzados” , call ” ours mundo” , where we could begin to learn and a to feel on the other it lacks what us, beginning extreme of the scale, so that, possibly, we demand to return to our state of fullness we pruned and it to enjoy we reach when it. Epilogue and now is when the man must begin to reflect on his state in this world, at every moment of his life, until account occurs of which he himself had broken that order of the king, and who already has been exiled of the population (spiritual).

However, if it insists on the effort to look for the truth, its memory begins to work and it begins to feel much who had been distanced of his origin and its root. Then, he begins to dedicate itself to the restoration of the connection with his true world, they release until it of I exile and they allow to meet him with all the broken souls to return together and united to his true state of total harmony and love, where the King waits for already them. * The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is masters in cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Cabal, professor of ontologa and theory of the knowledge. He is founding and president of Bnei Baruj and of Institute ARI, in Israel.

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