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Opening an account will cost you 1500 rubles. – Copies of documents at the notary certification of bank + cards by the bank. Immediately after the opening of bank accounts to escape the tax with the notification of the opening itself! Here we must proceed from a period of two weeks. 3. Cash register You've got to explore the possibility of purchasing and registering Fiscal terminal with GPRS-modem and a cradle for credit cards. With the time – here as lucky. This item will be accompanied by information as the study proceeds. 4.

Infrastructure needs a small office polyubasu. Least 10 squares. Homes finally can not work Office need a phone and internet. But! Taking into account the possibility of relocation should be done fully self-contained office! And for this we have now? Now there are Internet 4G Mobile WiMAX by Yota + IP-phone company with Telphin direct Moscow, Petersburg and the regional indices, and there are mobile. Buy all of these glands, solutions and services will cost 15,000 rubles. initial costs. Expenditures for office – a 10-ka month. Communication costs – 5-ka per month for all of the maximum.

More must enter into a contract with the courier mail service. Advance, so they started to deliver everything to your buyer's door – 3000 rubles. Initial costs for the rental of office, the connection of telecommunications services and equipment – about 50 rubles to the taking into account the legwork and wrangling with all the Find Topics Find Topics of the process. By the final date to meet in a month. 5. Sites Sites can be done very badsome thousand for 25-40 turnkey hosted on the first year. This will be the engine that will allow you to fill it with goods, issue invoices and to form the primary accounting documents for shipment to customers, buyers. The most important part! Expenditure on promotion! Must reserve at least 30 ki a month in the first six months. This is contextual advertising and search engine optimization. Further, as lucky. Time-bound, too, need to meet in a month. All these stages need to do both! Phew. After a month you can start working. Ie launch site on the air, start serving content to sit and wait for orders at the same time to build relationships with suppliers. First six months of working alone! That is, to beat the costs and left a living is something in the first six months, gross profit (before taxes) must be not less than 100000 rubles. Revenues, respectively, must have at least everything here depends on the margins. If you sell some bulk commodities and well in China , you can get a hundred percent all depends on what will sell, as it will buy and what you will have an entrepreneurial success. Necessary to proceed from the figure margins – 25%. And that means revenue to be in the first six months is not less than 2,5 mln. Ie 400-500 thousand per month. Quite the real figure if you sell something at a competitive price, and in large demand. Well, then everything depends on entrepreneurial success and the ability to do its job. Do not forget about accounting and filing tax returns. ***

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