New Scam Damages Especially The Hotel Industry

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Due to recent events, the company Cashrollen, the competent service providers also for card payment schemes, warns again once especially the hotel industry before the new tricks of fraudsters. Disguised as a event venue or organisers of trips the perpetrators will be the hotel doors in the hand currently so to speak. Booked especially larger quotas of rooms and nights are primarily for supposedly American or British companies. The booking is done via eMail. So the scammers for the moment remain unknown.

To pay the credit card data be used by previously stolen credit cards. So far so good. Shortly after the card payment the reservation without really plausible reasons cancelled then again. However the repayment should not be then the hoteliers on the previously specified credit card accounts. For other bank accounts are then offered under flimsy pretexts.

These are most often used for Spanish banks. The money is then transferred, it is also lost. Because the expected payments from credit card payments offered in the book never arrive or are later recalled by the outraged victims of theft of the card. What remains is the damage to the hotel and what card holders. recommends: you never transfer to bank accounts when the room reservation with a credit card should be paid or was already paid in this way. Can close most effectively the doors the fraudsters. If possible keep this in your payment. The new scam from the beginning then starts in the blank. We hope to have made life around your establishment again easier and clearer with this note and tip.

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