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During the night, Bandler took the microphone and began to speak with cavernous voice speaking to the poor John. This became frightened, was startled and said:- but who is? Bandler response: I am the devil. Really listened to this voice which came from the electrical outlet and the man began to scare seriously. The devil went on to say:-I’ve heard that you’re talking about me and telling everyone that I speak with you know you can not do that.If you are still telling that you speak with me, you will have serious problems, I assure you threatened the devil. John did not sleep at all last night, and the next morning, when Bandler visited him to ask him what had again informed the devil, He replied:-what? but the devil does not exist, they were only voices that seemed real to me, but they were not really!.

This shock, had obviously done go to your setting State Jhon, and this does not mean that he has healed from his State of madness.Because schizophrenia and the workings of the mind of a schizophrenic are aspects strictly concerning medicine and Psychiatry, and as I said before, to Bandler this is not interested. Rather than focusing on the mental processes that lead to the schizophrenic to act in a certain way, and applying NLP to interrupt those mental patterns and that a person has other options (as proposed by the neuro-linguistic programming). The schizophrenic is clearly an extreme case of pathology and a perception of reality distorted on A smaller scale – if I may – for each person heals, your point of view is very real and true is his truth, is your map, your interpretation of reality or territory.And she is convinced of it! However, in interpersonal communications that we undertake every day when us fighting us, discussed with someone, is because we are not trying to understand the first map of the other! That’s the attitude in which NLP insists his concepts: first take the initiative and responsibility we understand the mental map of the other trying to get in tune, applying NLP resources to achieve effective communication and a great improvement in our quality when we relate with others. Visit our website: and receive free E-Books of NLP, and much information Programacion Neurolinguistica for personal and professional improvement!

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