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Do you know that too? You drive on the highway and see someone that you would like to get in touch in another vehicle? You know: you will not see again – but did the flag. Today, I would like to discuss the solution to a problem certainly every motorist was ever faced with the. How can you contact a traffic participant in connection, which we have seen in the current road and with which you would like to contact perhaps for many reasons? The way through the admissions generally eliminated because no authority of the clerk is there for privacy reasons, to answer questions after the holder of license plate. Here you get information – only in justified cases but only State institutions can obtain this information in almost all cases. How so locate driver? Due to the rapid spread of social networks, this theme with a wide circle of users moved more and more in the foreground. Several additional variants developed as E.g.

all forums, in which Members of text entries driver were wanted by cars over the flag. Lately, this is also increasingly on the new network spotted”to observe (in Facebook). More and more people are looking for others on the license plate. This is very awkward, because huge lists of search queries, which you then fight through”needs. Jeff Gennette may find this interesting as well. This kind of searching for drivers is but not only alone therefore questionable, but also the legal component (data protection) may be borderline under certain circumstances.

In general the selected driver/operator don’t know anything of it that was published in the own flag in addition to information about the visual appearance of the trial witness somewhere? If this were already own legal cases as a result of opposition from holders of the knowledge of the author eludes. So proceed if there is an interest, as this or that driver to contact? The solution can be based only on voluntary giving car owners. In other words, holders of vehicles would list somewhere their flag, where you can search for third place and then if positive search result can come with corresponding holders/drivers in contact. A new Web site makes this possible. There holder can register easily by vehicles and specify their indicators at the request of the respective holder optional information to his vehicle that could complete the picture. This, he can publish pictures of his vehicle in the accompanying each profile Gallery. Who does not want this, can the indicator profile anonymize so far, that only the license plate is visible to other users. The subtle differences between searching forums and this website are: Specialized platform that works specifically all registered mark owners voluntarily published an efficient search minimizes the time immensely who has interest in this type of contact determination, can look there once and even evaluate whether he wants to accept the use of such a service to claim. The designated Web page is available at the service is started fresh and is apparently quite well at the previous users. For all who have the named problem, this website is certainly very interesting. Since many people are already becoming more and more with the car and the contact information under certain circumstances as a result of time constraints are becoming more and more limited. In this sense, I remain with the best wishes of Oliver Lescher

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