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Many people dream of opening his own business, but many scares – ignorance of the law, lack of initial capital, the difficulty of collecting the documents. How should operate? Read our instructions! The first step is to to determine the legal form of the future of the enterprise, since it determines the tax regime. In Russia there are two types of opening the enterprise: 1) Register as a sole trader (IP) 2) Register your company (Legal person). It all depends on what size is your business. For small businesses, perfect shape "of the individual entrepreneur" or "Limited Liability Company" (Ltd.). The difference between them is An individual entrepreneur that runs the risk of failure to pay the tax, its own property (real estate, cars, etc.), and his company share capital.

Also, Russian legislation provides incentives for private entrepreneurs. There is a simplified tax system for entrepreneurs, for which he is obliged to pay 6% of turnover, and 15% of the profits (the amount of income – expenditure). With this system, the entrepreneur does not have to pay tax on income tax, VAT, UST. Depending on the form of organization is determined by the company tax regime. In Russia there are three types of tax regime: a simplified, plain, on imputed income. Mode on the imputed income is not acting at all regions of Russia, he refers to organizations working in trade / services (beauty shops, cafes, shops, etc.) – 15% will be deducted from the imputed income that is calculated by the state.

All other businesses can choose regular or simplified taxation. Normal mode provides for the payment of all taxes under the tax code for new businesses. A simplified regime provides for the payment of 15% with net profit, but there are some features in the tax code prescribed 18 kinds of activities do not fall under this regime. So what kind of activities you are going to do, is crucial. But if your company fits simplified taxation regime, and you select it, then you must write a statement to the tax not later than five days after the opening of the organization. Documents To register Individual entrepreneur, you need: a statement notarized copy of passport and copy of birth certificate and receipt of state duty for registration of the LLC must also provide the place of registration of a new charter organizations and the minutes of the meeting of the founders. To help making the charter suitable FZ 'On Limited Liability Companies. " In drawing shows all items specified by law, or will be re- registration. And the statute should be to avoid making changes to indicate more activities. Then you need to open a bank account into which to put the charter capital. After that, you need to register legal address. And finally you need to collect documents, and take it to the tax. After five days followed by a response, record company or not.

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