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GRATEFULNESS To all the professionals of the Institute ‘ ‘ The Time of the Mestre’ ‘ of the University Cndido Mendes. DEDICATION I mainly dedicate to the present monograph my Erudith fianc, who had much patience with me, in the final straight line of this walked. I remember, also, of the force given for my parents, my sister and my Rogrio friend. August Luiz Cured Jnior SUMMARY the performance evaluation (AD) is a tool of originary management of the typical Business administration and of the initiative private. However, it was introduced in the public sector for the Managemental School of Public Administration. The present objective monograph to study the evolution of the phases for which it passed the Public Administration? Patrimonialista school, Bureaucratic School e, finally, the Managemental one? the difficulties faced for this last school in the application of this administrative tool. Finally, some solutions are presented so that if can win the obstacles found in the implantation of the AD ones and if to use to advantage to the maximum the gotten data of it for the constant improvement of the services given to the society. METHODOLOGY to reach the objective of this work, that is to understand as an instrument of the private initiative can typically be used in the public service and as its correct use can bring benefits to the society, the used method is of the research of exploratrio character in composed bibliography for authors of reputation in the areas of management of people, of psychology in administration of public administration..

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