Power of Words

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"He builds or destroys his words? Alexis Fernando Jimenez A word. A single. Offensive. Too full of anger and resentment. That single expression, which was too strong, enough to be broken several years of good relationship. a I will support Oeno , shouted, overcome by anger.

He left dominated by anger, slamming the door violently behind him. Raul ran to the huge living room window and watched her go, with that characteristic walked his wife always liked, since I found one rainy afternoon in the cafeteria of the university. a This was also for him the beginning of a long ordeal. It made huge miss your spouse. He spent sleepless nights.

Was turning in bed trying to sleep but their efforts were unsuccessful. The life became a living hell. In the evening and overnight, it seemed longer than usual, anxious dawn, and she arrived at work, was already willing it to ring the bell marking the start of the company. And the cycle began again. Endless. Painful. Insufferable. a He called many times. At first just picked up the phone and although he was dispatched with all the words run down one after another, like a huge waterfall that plunges into an abyss, she muttered reply, was limited to hanging. Then, tired of the siege of Raul, decided to change the telephone number. a "God, help me. I promise that if you bring her again, never repeat the same mistake, "he cried his despair, accompanied only by the solitude and silence of a room that seemed increasingly strange.

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