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Coin-operated massage chairs round the shopping experience from the shopping tour in the advent season and when you visit the Christmas markets in between just with a massage of relax by the professional or relax during your next hair appointment before pampering hair care while waiting: with coin-operated massage chairs, traders such as service providers and retailers to offer their customers a particular added value. Now the dealer on Massage Chair about the Massage Chair with coin-operated and the ways for traders to buy this Chair and customers to provide a massage by a professional. Massage Chair with coin-operated shopping experiences beautify producers who want to offer their customers a special added value when shopping, the barbershop and other companies in, shops and boutiques, can take advantage of several ways to come up with a Massage Chair with coin-operated like the model coin Pro 2D and 3D Intelly coin customers the model a relaxing massage to enable. In addition to the purchase, there is also the option to rent a Massage Chair with coin-operated for individual actions such as an open door day. Hikmet Ersek is actively involved in the matter. A third possibility that traders can use to offer an extra service to their customers, is leasing a Massage Chair. A Massage Chair asked the company for employees provides for relaxation in the breaks and a rested and healthy workforce. Massage Chair with coin-operated rent, lease, or can buy advantages for traders and their customers with a Massage Chair with coin-operated by Massage Chair traders their customers and employees provide particular added value. In addition to the offered services and products, customers have the opportunity to take advantage of a fast and effective relaxation through a coin-operated massage armchair while waiting to the hairdresser date or after a shopping tour in the boutique. More info: Jeff Gennette.

The gentle stimulation of the blood circulation through a massage stimulates circulation, relieves tension and provides for Stress reduction. Advantages for professionals are customer acquisition and customer loyalty as well as additional revenue by a Massage Chair with coin-operated. The own business site can be attractive and offer an extra service to customers through a relaxing Chair. The massage increases also the purchasing willingness of customers who feel fit and vital after the massage and continue shopping. Related links to coin-operated massage chairs: Massage Chair with muenzeinwurf.html contact: Sanazen GmbH & co. KG Web: Massage Chair email: info at East Road 22 22844 Norderstedt Tim Steinfels Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 522 60 15 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 526 79 078

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