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In general, we consider the workflow management as the electronic execution of business processes – it could be translated as the “workflow management call. The task of each workflow management system is defined with the overall coordination, who) (roles, what) (task, when (process) and how (ambient edit). The workflow module GEDYS, a provider of CRM solutions based on Lotus Notes and find the optimal business solution for various work processes efficiently manage the existing CRM system of an enterprise and control – such as the automated routing of forms, processes and applications. The Workflow Lotus Notes makes possible the modeling and control-application of simple and complex processes, and those steps. Whether offering shares, dunning block, invoice approvals, clearances of conditions, holidays or investment proposals, audits, or the integration of new employees in the company – everywhereFind where such applications, forms and processes their applications, saving companies with a professionally built and integrated workflow management system costs and working hours. Due to the central maintenance of the existing workflow processes will ensure that changes are set centrally for the entire company. At the same processes can be easily and quickly automate electronic form and in the CRM system integrieren.Das workflow system automatically detects new condition such agreements or deals, and then starts the associated approval processes. The integrated demurrage monitoring also ensures that no workflow is forgotten. Also, different times of escalation can be deposited, according to which memories sent to the agent or trigger certain actions. Overall, therefore, become an integral part of the Lotus Notes workflow is no longer out of today’s corporate philosophy, since he as a central focal point for all the automated processes in the CRM system can and should be used. SabineFriedersdorf

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