Prostate Cancer

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Imbalance in the supply of certain trace elements in prostate cancer is one of the cancers that are associated with the diet of affected men in context. So, there are a number of clues that the balanced supply of trace elements is an important component for a healthy prostate and thus the basis for successful prevention of prostate cancer. But not all the trace elements are the same. Some can be more harmful for the prostate and other rather promote prostate health. To determine that, tissue samples from benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancers studied researchers prostate on their levels of certain trace elements such as zinc, selenium, chromium, iron, nickel, and copper.

This, they discovered that the trace elements chromium, iron, nickel, and copper were significantly increased in the cancerous tissue while the trace elements iron, zinc and selenium were humiliated in the same fabric. Official site: dean gibson. What now do these results mean for the practical prevention of prostate cancer? According to the researchers a whole Quantity: You assume, chromium, iron, nickel, and copper to directly promote the development of prostate cancer over the increased formation of free radicals. Selenium and zinc do quite the opposite. These trace elements are antioxidants and render harmless the free radicals. A clear imbalance between trace cancer-promoting and inertias cancer elements may be so in the prostate tissue. This is the case, a prostate cancer can develop. This result must have consequences for the prevention of prostate cancer. It should be supplemented only as needed, what is actually missing the prostate and leads to oxidative stress.

Nickel an excess supply of already elevated trace elements, chromium, iron, and copper could, however, lead to problems and increase the risk of cancer. The sense is, therefore, to question einieiger multi medications for the prostate screening. -Based approach an evidence with the preparation ProVitum Navitum pharmaceuticals. ProVitum contains exactly those antioxidants, for determined the a deficiency in patients with prostate cancer. Moreover, it offered exactly the composition and dosage, which was used in the French Su.Vi.Max study. This study had shown that the risk for prostate cancer could be halved virtually carried out a consistent demand provision for several years with antioxidants and trace elements such as ProVitum. ProVitum, so the manufacturer is a preparation with the independent international prevention research-based prevention can be implemented by anyone in practical evidence. Provitum is suitable only for preventive purposes, but not for the treatment of cancer. It contains vitamins A, C and E, as well as the trace elements selenium and zinc in easy-to-swallow tablets and thus precisely covers the needs of the man in the second half of life.

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