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The so-called in the Federal Law “On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation” (the Act) assessment reports on the evaluation of any practicing appraiser care and scientific evaluation of the community. Unfortunately, officials from the evaluation are not interested in any According to scientists, practitioners or requests, although they are obliged to take into account the opinion of the market, professionals and science. This does not mean that all officers are bad, just like the fact that all the appraisers – the good, as well as lawyers, or standardizer economists. This suggests that there are no mechanisms to influence officials. Modern legal practice shows that if there is political will, the laws are improving rapidly every year.

Often laws have defects and therefore the provisions of the laws that do not meet the legal validity, legal doctrine and rules of the Constitution of the Russian Federation are subject to change. However, in the assessment of “activity” does not occurs, although it is estimated community the most rapidly and openly discuss the problems. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Macy’s Inc.. For example, over a ten-year history of the law been amended 14 times, but at the level of methodological errors – not even once. We still maintain that some of its provisions do not correspond to the Russian legal doctrine. Judging by the debate on the document under discussion in virtually no accounting, appraisal reviews for the community. In this regard, it is necessary to Once again, make judgments about the fate of the skeptic assessment of “activity” and the “expertise” of assessment reports. We define the following questions. 1.

What is important is whether the legal status of MP? 2. Is there a legal basis for the development and NSOD approval of MP? What is the guidelines in principle? 3. Where did the “expertise” of the evaluation report and whether it meets the legal institution of expertise in the Russian legal doctrine?

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