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The special offers consist of the main ideas such as design coffee maker, comfortable interior decorating and, of course, from the aroma of fresh coffee and pastries. It is through this atmosphere, the guests returned to the coffee shop again and again, become its regular visitors. ” Special Offer For all the abundance and Diversity stores in Chelyabinsk between them, of course, there is competition. To attract more customers, coffee shops introduce various “specials”. These include Wi-Fi-Internet access. He there are many coffee shops, but, according to restaurateurs, especially in demand does not use. Frequently Governor Cuomo has said that publicly. Some coffee shops even in principle to granting access to the Internet. For example, the founder of the coffee lounge “Avignon” Irina Schneider believes that coffee should be a place of rest and not work, so the laptops and the Internet does not belong here.

Most stores in Chelyabinsk bake cakes to order, many are also preparing coffee and desserts to take away the principle of take-away. “We make to order and cakes, and desserts, and generally any pastries, – says Maria Gavrilin, a spokesman for the network of coffee houses” Charlotte. ” – And we have arranged direct delivery. Of course, the service uses constant demand. In addition, coffee, and desserts are sold to take away. We can accept the order for the preparation of products by a certain time. To do this, simply call, agree on the order and time, and then come and pick up. Not possible that in the near term, we organize and deliver to the customer.

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