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Small business development in Russia is gaining momentum thanks to franchising. This model was built by the most successful, so most small businesses in Europe and the U.S. is working on a franchayzingu.Konechno advantageous, as all business owners, entrepreneurs receive more than 90% of revenues from the business in a large company, using all its privileges. When the franchisee agrees to invest in a franchise business, he still remains an independent business owner. This independence means that it will never be fired from this job. Franchisee receives professional support from the franchisor. Such support helps him to avoid those mistakes which usually do other entrepreneurs. Franchisor warns franchisees from making wrong decisions that could damage or even destroy his business.

You need not worry about the problems occurring in the initial stage, because we'll give you all our experience and name. Under the brand name of a large company with experience and new technologies, you from the start already several steps ahead of other individual companies. In their point of years of development you come several times faster, and more of you will not catch up. For many reasons. The main one is cost. None of the agencies will not invest in advertising and marketing of such enormous financial, as major franchiser. Clear territorial boundaries of business remove the threat of competition from other owners of your brand. Have a look at studies conducted in Western countries.

Unrelenting Statistics show that three out of four conventional businesses closed within 5 years, and it's affluent west. Only franchise companies virtually bankrupt. Advertised brand as advertised flywheel easily passes all the recessions and crises, and helps its partners. This is the power brand – a leader.

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