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They are heterogeneous, since the structure of matter there are a large number of microcells, therefore, almost 98% of the Styrofoam plate is air. The quantity of granules is 5 to 15 millimeters. Granules consist mainly of carbon and hydrogen, which determines the high ecological purity of the material. Expanded polystyrene is not harmful to humans, has no odor, does not form dust and perfectly breathable. Jeff Gennette spoke with conviction. Plates from a foam easy to handle, they are not harmful to the outer integument of the human body, not a source of allergy. In the presence of environmental cleanliness, the foam has received extensive use in the construction of residential buildings, industrial centers and sites of strategic purpose. Also, the foam used in the manufacture of vessels, piping insulation, and road construction. Often, in containers of polystyrene food store, at least – a toy.

Cookers have high heat and sound insulation characteristics typical of the magnificent acoustic properties, which are due to excellent performance foam and insulating properties. High ability to foam is achieved by the foam in the structure has a layer of air and only 2% of the polymer, which determines the main heat and sound insulation characteristics of the material. The air is small in the thermal conductivity, so the polystyrene plate has a thermal conductivity of nearly 0.04 W / mK, which is much smaller than the thermal conductivity of wood, articles made of clay, limestone and other building materials. The lower the thermal conductivity, the higher the level of energy efficiency. To get away from the wall of bricks such values insulating characteristics, such as from expanded polystyrene, we need a wall having a thickness of 2.1 m, so the foam is an excellent material for insulation. Polyfoam still used in the manufacture of cold stores and warehouses. Expanded polystyrene has a high fire resistance, due to autoignition temperature 491 degrees.

With an open fire foam, as well as many building materials, exposed to combustion, but combustion itself is not supported, ie damped the flame, then go out and penoplas within four seconds. When the event of fire, burning the foam raises the temperature of less than, say, a burning log. There are slabs of foam, enriched with flame retardants such plates can extinguish themselves, so the often used in construction. If you strictly follow fire safety rules, the foam is much less dangerous than many other used building materials. Plates of foam does not dissolve and do not absorb moisture, so do not swell with time. To avoid condensation, it is necessary to comply with design standards. Because of the resistance to moisture, the foam used for insulation of the foundations of buildings. Polyfoam different low density, but also has high mechanical strength in tension and compression. This enables the use of foam polystyrene plates as a good building material, which can carry a uniform mechanical load, with no deformation or without fear of sagging. All this indicates that the foam is ideal, inexpensive and practical material for the work on thermal insulation of the building, whether new and has already built a dwelling house, building an administrative or industrial purposes.

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