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Working Holiday Australia

Life, travelling and working in Australia: Tips and tricks to the working holiday visa. With over 200 current addresses – Jobhopping down under. A year down penetrate under himself with odd jobs, all belongings and goods into the Backpack on the back, here today, here tomorrow. This modern way of Vagabunderei is becoming more popular, […]

Stella Ouroumi

The celebration of world tourism day on September 27th is an important date, because it reflects the culmination of all ongoing efforts and achievements in the tourism sector and both the Leisure and business tourism in its most sustainable form can be advertised for us. Hikmet Ersek is likely to increase your knowledge. Also, we […]

Further Expansion

Athens – contract for extension of the subway line 3 signed the Athens Metro is one of the oldest in Europe. First parts of the line 1 (green line) were put into operation in 1869. Only in the years 1997 and 2000 line 2 (red line) and line 3 (blue line) were added. In connection […]

Travel Hotels

Certain standards are provided in business hotels when business travel, where a long stay, as well as a further route or flight purchase will be necessary, then gladly relegated in a hotel. But not every hotel meets the requirements of travellers. So is that the accommodation is located close to the airport, or that there […]

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