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Also they present better performance in the activities that require abilities or specialized jobs, mainly those of more specific character, as the hand of workmanship in equipment weighed, as tractor escavadeiras. They can find better marketing spaces in this segment, therefore generally its collaborators are trained to execute services in all the marks. To invest in interpersonal planejamentos adds value to the company, transmits in its action the social responsibility and the ethics between the envolvimentos actors. The administration of the internal conflicts and the maintenance of the health of the relationships are directly on to the way as the leaderships lead and manage the personal and interpersonal differences of the collaborators (Loureno, 2010). In this context the services given for the collaborators of the company and its actions as a whole, participate of the process of whitewashing of common-sense of the professionals, in order to produce in services with bigger quality, for satisfaction of the customers.

Today, so that a PME if becomes a company of success in the market is necessary that beyond the captation of new customers, it is capable to hold back them. One knows that today, to hold back a customer it is much more cheap of what to obtain a new. Ahead of these constataes, it can be affirmed that to apply strategies of retention and fidelizao that obtain to keep and to develop the income-producing customers and fidiciary offices it must be one of the priorities of any PME. ' ' it is not enough to dominate the techniques to attract new customers; the company must hold back them. Many companies possess one high index of rotation of customers – that is, they conquer new customers and they lose many of them. Today the companies must give to more attention its index of abandonment of clientes' ' (KOTLER, 2000) the advantage of this research is that through it will be able to develop a plan of action directed to the strategy of retention of customers, identifying and approaching the components the 8 to be implemented, for which if gets a competitive advantage, by means of a differentiated attendance and for the reinforcement of a culture of services based in the relationship.

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