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The question is, why the TSS is indeed very strong advertising strategy. Having examined More second condition Reeves, we may find the answer to this question, WHAT IS THAT TRUE AND FALSE Unique selling proposition is called marketing approval based on the actual characteristics of the goods, distinguishes it from all (or many) other products in the product category, the "true" USP, and the remaining assertions of uniqueness – "false" USP. Sam R. Reeves did not use these concepts, we introduce the concept of NLP in order to more accurately describe the mechanism of a USP. An example of the true TSS may be advertising the TV "Samsung" with bioceramic coatings, whose properties are not duplicated by competitors. This feature provides for good name "Biotelevizor" and slogan: "Living is drawn to BIO!". (Here we leave aside the question of whether promises real benefit to this bioceramic coatings.

The important thing is that it seems to be a unique property). Much more often, however, the major consumer product characteristics are not unique in the market. But in this case, advertisers can create a true USP. Of course, it was not an overtly false advertising: we have refer to such methods of advertising, when the purely linguistic means is constructed message about the uniqueness of the goods, although its consumer characteristics are not unique. In some cases, TSS is based on the true skillfully emphasizing the real characteristics that distinguish the goods are not all but most of the other products in the same product category.

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