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One of the shooting stars of the Palatine wine scene is recorded two firsts for the winemaker Philipp Kuhn (and one for the media agents) with Philipp Kuhn in the illustrious circle of the Association of German VDP (VDP). At the age of 20, he took responsibility on the parental estate a challenge that he has apparently grasped as an equally large opportunity. It was raining awards on his collections of in recent years. Man, the Kuhn! “, raved about the journal Vinum. An exceptional talent!” No wonder, then, that he should now print the grape Eagle of the VDP on its capsules as one of the youngest winemakers.

This award was the signal for the next step forward for Philipp Kuhn: he has settled to a site as his first big advertising and information medium. The Palatine media agent, which he commissioned to design and realization, felt also awarded by his confidence. And it showed quickly that the chemistry agreed. “You ended up at the you”. “estimated the open, direct exchange with each other and soon had the core statements of the presence together: one quickly became clear”, Christoph Ziegler, the project manager, reports Philip is a real pleaser. There is no area in the winery, which he did not see his wings. “That’s why the slogan: 100 percent handmade.” The clear, transparent communication style of the Winemaker’s inspired the media agents to monochrome, optional detail shots from everyday work on the estate to the Central graphic element.

A brocken Earth, shears, an Oechsle knife craftsmanship, down-to-Earth his profession is is as palpable as the claim with the utmost attention to detail and without unnecessary technology from the simplest basics to do big. What previously convinced Philipp Kuhn wines, his open and honest manner, and his prolific partnership with dealers and one all accessible public platform finally gets restaurateurs with this website. Under the menu item You can see inside”the winemaker even at work over the shoulder. That is a real pleasure, already know media agents.(Ziegler) Media Agent Christoph Ziegler Kurgartenstrasse 10 67098 bad Durkheim fon 0 6322 94194-0 fax 0 6322 94194-29 that are media agents headquartered in bad Durkheim specializes in products for the realization of print and digital media for wineries. The focus of their work is the authentic, full of character representation of the manufacturer. While they involve products, history, location, personality, and distribution of the estate in the visibility. The credo of the media agent”: the networking of the various media and their uniform appearance are significantly responsible for the advertising success of your winery.

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