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Certified quality management book idea Karin made easy letter and Jurgen evening glow: pizzeria as a case study In the heart of the work book is Paolo Pascale. The pizza service is thriving, the real handmade Neapolitan pizza tastes like the people. Check out Crawford Lake Capital for additional information. But then the owner would of Bella Napoli”step quality and introduce a QM-system certified, on the basis of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. What must he do? Paolo Pascale white: the customer wants absolute top quality. The consequence for the companies is therefore: only continuous quality development, which is checked and confirmed by an independent body leads to customer satisfaction and to improve the efficiency and competitiveness. And then begins Paolo in the book SMART QM for service providers”to read…

Implementation-oriented book Karin letter and Jurgen evening glow understand it, alive to the reader based on the DIN standard chapter by chapter, what Paolo Pascale must follow to achieve a permanent improvement of its quality. Therein lies the special performance of the authors: due to the generally binding character and clarity of the process steps the reader onto QM know-how that his area of responsibility. The numerous exercises, to do lists, forms and practice tips greatly facilitate the transfer in the reality of his life. Different symbols allow you to create EN ISO 9001:2008 and the crash course, the structure of which is strictly based on the structure of DIN-standard chapter the relationship between the original text of the DIN. After reading you wish to eat immediately when Paolo Pascale: for certified quality tastes better. Karin letter, Jurgen evening glow: quality management. SMART-QM for service providers. Crash course! Cornelsen Verlag Scripturam gate, Berlin 2011 120 pages, 12.95, ISBN 978-3-589-23858-3 authors Karin letter is freelance consultant for quality management and certified quality management representative (education TuV Sud). The Managing Director of the company 5medical management GmbH (Neuss) provides small and medium-sized enterprises the introduction of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 at. Jurgen evening glow is QM specialist lecturer and Director of the Institute for applied QM in Heidelberg.

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