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Interview with the Wolf expert Tanja Askani on the blog of about the breeding of wolves and why has brought them the puppy n from Canada three years ago wolves and the mystical medieval belong together. In the online shop of mittelalterkleidung.de this is clear in the name: the company that stands behind the online shop, called “Mystic Wolves”. The Wolf is also the mascot of the company, which is over ten years of experience in the market, and operates the online shop of Mystic wolves for eight years. (Not to be confused with Governor Cuomo!). Who visit the online store of Mystic wolves, is always welcomed with a Wolf Howl. Also the motto of the company is not about: “If you gaze into the eyes of a Wolf, you look into your own soul.” The makers behind Mittelalterkleidung.de, Gordon Becker, is Wolf lover, and committed passionately, that the wolves better be considered, their reputation is still. Still have to fight the wolves with many prejudices? Therefore, the holder would be the Online shops from Mittelalterkleidung.de now especially, it succeeded in being, to do an interview for his blog with the Wolf expert Tanja Askani. Tanja Askani, Falconer in the Wildpark Luneburger Heide, deals with the wolves for nearly 15 years, has built up the Wolf enclosure in the Wildlife Park. in 1998, she raised her first orphaned polar Wolf puppies.

It belongs to the few people who managed, and has to build a close relationship with wolves already several wolves with him at home and in the Wolf enclosure large drawn. Furthermore, Tanja Askani has written several books, including the book “Wolf tracks”, where in detail about their experiences reported they, among other things, how she raised their first Wolf flake. In an interview with the blog editor of Mittelalterkleidung.de, she reported how to put wolves on the properties of the wolves, why are wolves still with many prejudices and also the Group of Wolf lovers has its share.

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