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Specific ministries and agencies are responsible for their designs, construction and maintenance and energy supply. Secure infrastructures is a new concept that emerges by the high rate of risk that mean pathways built without thinking or correct later putting them up, stretches of concentration of claims and critical points. Vehicles move obviously fuel, without which there would be traffic. The complexity in the management and control of fuels rests with another governing body of the State and a whole also complicated marketing system. Vehicles on the other hand, for the right to movement should meet minimum technical requirements; among those who are, pollution of the environment by noise and gas emissions, factors regulated by different institutions. Drivers to be suitable as such must pass by a the process that it starts with porting a legitimately reliable identity card, for which there is another body. As well as there for the issuance of the licence or permit drivers of motor vehicles.

Supervisory agents are responsible for monitoring that the laws and traffic regulations, are met so that in case of being violated or committing offences undergo drivers to justice. So great is the number of casualties produced in the streets, avenues and roads that the World Health Organization has classified the problem as epidemic, since a mortality rate per every 100,000 inhabitants above 8 well specified. Us taking a rate than round 25, is for the governing body of the health worry, because the number of injuries must be much higher. Be as we affirm, the budget of this portfolio must be revised and restated. Now, according to studies based on the experience of the advanced countries in road safety, with the improvement of this is also suggested implementing a better programme of investment in the country for the benefit of the development of the communities. Around the world, including the Dominican Republic, the most affected population sector is of young and middle-aged (15-45); a lot of women left his last breath on the pavement monthly; exorbitant number of dead motorists and pedestrians. Then should be from reliable statistics done advertising campaigns to raise awareness of defined sectors.

Likewise, promote a change of civic culture, of respect for life and the rules of valuation of other users of the roads. By the rescue of human values and fear to justice. All this last is achieved from the home and schools through a long process, which is already time to start through driver education and training road matters. Civil society should assume the commitment of sue him, both to the State, the design of adequate policies, as the political parties discuss the issue of road safety in the bosom of their structures and consensus from the legislature, so that as a project of nation deemed exercise of true participatory democracy. Finally, as a result, the State should have slope the following matters:-that road safety should be institutionalized with political will, since the quality of life of the population is at stake.; -which requires a modification of the current cultural model of the citizen. and that road safety is a matter of object for good practice of public policy planning. Mario Holguin / President FundReD Rep. Dominican 31/01/10 original author and source of the article.

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