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Logo is the basis of other graphic and visual components of corporate identity. Depending on your particular activities they may be business cards, letterhead papers, envelopes, CDs, packaging you can enumerate a long time. But do not abuse the creative enthusiasm and brand logo of everything. Easiest understand that the ordinary things is transformed into a "corporate" would help clear idea on what attributes of your company will pay attention to people: your customers, and partners – including – your employees. To firm style has become a truly holistic, it is important not to forget the significance of the word "style". Components must not contradict each other and to draw attention from Hollywood .

Companies that folder for papers reds, greens logo and a blue sign on the office, at best, resemble a rainbow. Therefore, to follow a single direction in color, graphics performance and semantic content – and do it with mind. Even if you have a "corporate" all at the highest level, the availability of corporate identity does not mean ready-made brand. This brand has pablitsitnym capital, which is not in the safe of the bank, but it brings back revenue through positive reputation – such an opinion about your company, which attracts the customers better than any advertisement. A view is composed of people and created by people. In one of the genius, in my opinion, books on marketing services Guy is a quote concerning the marketing of computers. He advises that " improve the reality. Best reality of your services will ensure that their marketing will be easier, cheaper, and bring more benefits. Actually many companies have improved the "reality" of their services, they can virtually wipe out the marketing plans of the line relating to the achievement of fame. " Summing up, back to the beginning: how to earn advertising budget? Work the way to advertise your company place at every moment of communication with the customer. Any communication – whether his visit to your organization or a small ad unit, which again rouse those soul strings that have been raised on each of your previous meeting.

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