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Much worried in preventing abuses, prevarication and improper use of the Public Thing. What it really provoked the destruction of the application of Theory X was certainly its incapacity to produce the results desired, since the human being cannot be treated as a machine. To understand psique human being and to place it in favor of the development and reach of the objectives of the Institution is a true art developed for the specialists in RH in the private sector. But until when it will walk the Public Sector the tow of the experiences and successes of the private administration? Some experiences deserve prominence and this reality starts to still change but the slow steps. The public Administrators need to adapt themselves to the Theory of the Y and to be able to manage the Human resources that are placed it to the disposal to the costs of the scarce resources defrayed for a society afflicted about an extreme tax burden.

She is necessary to take off ' ' water of pedra' ' she is necessary to form you lead, she is necessary to enable the workmanship hand, is necessary to believe that the human being is complex and that its majority if fits in Theory Y of MacGregor. It is necessary to find half capable to create in the server the mentality of that is a collaborator, who its work is important and who without it the objectives will not be reached. Thus, he is obvious that the objectives need to be clearly established and the joio to be separate of the wheat. That they forgive me the syndical and representative leaders of classrooms, but some of them they are always to fight for automatic promotions. This concern is praiseworthy joust and. But it does not value the good server. The promotions cannot be a gift, but a prize for that deserves.

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