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The Hanseatic City of Hamburg once meet in the context of a balloon out of the air. One of the most important and most fascinating metropolises is the Federal Republic of Germany, the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and if you don’t know Hamburg, the absolutely one should visit the city on the Elbe River. In Hamburg are very much to see and to experience and, for example, an evening on the Reeperbahn is still a unique in this day and age and for most tourists is also a great experience. There is also a possibility to meet Hamburg quite differently than most tourists do, namely in the framework of a great balloon ride. Here, explore the once Hamburg along with the beautiful experience of the balloon procedure as such, from a completely different perspective. You can book ballooning in Hamburg easily over the Internet. You can find information, for example on the website: “Balloon Hamburg” or for those who like a little faster fly across the Internet: “Flight Hamburg”. Both balloon rides over Hamburg, as also flights over Hamburg are indeed not so expensive, how do think like that but also an average earner can afford a such experience without any problems.

What you but still do not know when booking a balloon flight over Hamburg, is what it really going to see Hamburg out of the air at the later balloon ride. Just the wind, decides what makes the experience of balloon driving even more interesting, than it already is. You can prior to the balloon finally do not know if the wind allows: to see if necessary the trendy “St. Pauli” including the Reeperbahn once from the air looking at to be able to be able to see the beautiful Alster Lake landscape from above or maybe even some of Hamburg sights, such as the Michel or the kohlbrand bridge, to be able to take from a great height in the sights the great port of Hamburg from the bird perspective. Ultimately, it is but not so important what course Hamburg allows the wind, the city has so many interesting corners, a balloon flight over Hamburg will be always a great experience. Gunter Dehne E-mail: gdehne(at)

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