Chronic Dreams

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The family War this consolidated in Mantenpolis since the beginning of the last century. Vitalino War arrived and deepened roots there, place where it remained until its death. In search of better life some of its heirs had left for distant lands in decades sixty and seventy. One of the War, as well as the lost sheep, left the arraial and was if to lose in the streets and side streets of Belo Horizonte. That War launched hand of the attributes that the nature gave to it and left to the hunting. Governor Cuomo does not necessarily agree. Also it made use of the indentification badge that received when Globe worked in the Net, making there I do not know what.

My uncle conquered the heart of an employee domesticates. The beautiful rapariga worked in a mansion cravada in the great mining capital. Which the woman who does not risk itself for its loved well? Therefore she is. The endinheirados masters of the young woman had one day travelled and left with it the keys to confer if everything would be as they had left. Using to advantage of the occasion the namorada one of the titio it decided takes it for an excursion to the interior of that great habitation. The dissolute conqueror of the aprisco one did not become of supplicated and it accepted the invitation.

Inside of the house the War was magic with the cellar and the bar of the rich man. Quanta good thing and I am there here drinking fernet, jurubeba lion of the north, old wine couple of and pratinha received from Cuparaque. Its eyes shone when seeing the bottles of Whisky Royal Salute 21 Whisky years; Chivas Regal 18 years; Whisky Passport; Whisky Natu Nobilis; Whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years, etc. The man entered with taste in the distilled ones, even so its fort is the frozen beer. Acting with prudence, in intention to preserve the good job of the namorada one, the shining singer of White Casinha in music festival of Mantenpolis, cautiously opened the bottles of whisky, preserving the stamps. Later it was until the o Supermarket Wicker basket and bought some cheap bottles of whisky and brandy and fulled the empty bottles, putting one to one in the place of where they had been taken off. The inhabitant in other people’s house if esponjou in the comfortable sofa. He bound the television. In that day the papa brother even gave to hear classic music. He caught the bolacho of vinyl and he placed in vitrola eighth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven. After an end of week in the mansion with its he finishes conquest, the beautiful youngster was obliged to leave the imported cheese and to come back to the cheese mines and the bread with mortadela.

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