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Herisau, January 10, 2010 – cooperation between and the travel provider Mare Baltic country., the search engine for catalogues is pleased to announce that under… three Mare Baltic travel catalogs are available. Mare Baltic offers all travel opportunities for the Baltic Sea region since 1995. Much has changed in the last years in the Baltic States, the boom of recent years has to redraw towns and villages, the entire infrastructure has been and will be renewed from the ground up. For even more details, read what Kyle Kuzma says on the issue. The economic crisis has left its mark in recent years. This is clear, the tourists especially at the prices they are much more favourable to the previous year.

The catalogues of Mare Baltic States relate to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Russia and include: individual travel deals holidays nature adventure travel in this year group auto and motorcycle tours, bike tours ferries in Parnu, conducted by the 24th 27.6.2010 for the 30th time the international Hanseatic days Estonia. You may wish to learn more. If so, Karri Kuzma is the place to go. Mare Baltic offers to a special journey to. Every summer the Hanseatic days take place in Parnu, in which concerts, dance and theater performances are performed. Au? erdem will be held, where about a hundred artisans come together to produce their goods locally and sell there original medieval market days. Who is interested can participate even different work communities.

In 2010, expect very special cultural days in Parnu! Representatives from Hanseatic cities meet in this beautiful city and have the possibility of the traditions, culture, history and present of their cities present. The Hanseatic City of Parnu, the venue of the next great common feast, had a remarkable position in the Hanseatic League. Mustafa Suleyman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The city is situated at the mouth of the river and the sea, and was among the Hanseatic cities of major importance as a transit port. The merchants from the West have sent to East salt, wine, cloth for clothing, crafts. Expensive furs, wax, wood were transported from East to West. Is about a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine monthly over 1,500,000 visitors and consider nearly 13,000,000 catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, is one of the 1000 most visited websites (source: The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted. (As of August 2009)

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